Destroyer of Obstacles

July 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm Leave a comment

Ganesh is worshipped as the destroyer of obstacles. He is also known as the lord of knowledge.
As a deities Ganesh is all virtuous. For him to be a ‘destroyer’ entails no violence. It will cause no sorrow to the self or to others.

When obstacles come we tend to respond to them initially with emotions and feeling, then with action. This initiates a battle from within which will fuel the situation rather than solve it.

If instead I am able to respond on the basis of spiritual knowledge and understanding, then I will come from a deeper place. A place of learning and growth, rather than one of being challenged.

I need to be able to see obstacles with a spiritual eye. This takes a second to pause and assess before I engage. The obstacle will then already be destroyed and the battle will be won.

Let me be Ganesh!

Om Shanti

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