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When we complain we talk about something we dislike about someone or something. Complaining is expanding and elaborating on negativity, something that was at fault or not to our liking.

Giving the energy, in terms of time, thoughts or words, to anything will make it grow. To give energy to negativity makes something small into something big; It increases in size and relevance for myself and everyone else I complain to. This then fuels further negativity and bitter feelings.

Whatever I may complain about is based on my experience, vision and perception. It is coloured by my own expectation of how it should be or should have been.

In complaining I justify my bad feeling. The situation is more likely to be resolved when I no longer have bad feeling about it. This cannot happen by changing the person or situation but by changing my own perception and feeling about it. The latter is in my control.

Rather than complain, why not change my feelings?

Om Shanti

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