The Situation

October 13, 2011 at 4:00 am Leave a comment

Our lives are made up of many scenes and situations. Sometimes there is a need for us to get involved and resolve things.

How we deal with situations is very interesting. Often we are in the situation because it affects us; we are a part of the equation. Seeing the scene while sitting in the equation is not the ideal position to be in. It is very unlikely that we will come up with the correct resolution. We have to learn to step out of the equation and see things as a detached observer.

We naturally carry a lot of ‘baggage’ and that will influence the result unless we become detached from it. In order to be able to discern clearly it is necessary to disconnect, to disassociate myself from the personality of all those involved and also my own feelings and history with the story. Then the equation will be seen clearly and there is more chance that the calculation will be made accurately.

When a situation becomes a part of me, then I lose the power to resolve it.
Step away and see the equation.


Om Shanti

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